Vintage Floral Fake Plugs in Yellow and Blue by Plug-Club Plugs 2 PAIRS for less


Octopus Attack Plugs by Plug-Club


Anchor Love Fake Plugs by Plug-Club


State Love Fake Plugs by Plug-Club


Any 2 Pairs of Fake Plugs by Plug-Club


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What is Plug-Club?

Plug-Club is for people who want UNIQUE and quality plugs that can’t be found anywhere else in the world! Handcrafted in California, Plug-Club ships nationwide and updates with new styles every month!

Why should I shop here?

We've compared our plugs to dozens of our Etsy competitors and while some come close, there are very few who are as serious as we are. Just like BMA and Mystic Metals, you will find a wide variety of top-quality styles set on great materials like Surgical Stainless Steel. However, we are the ONLY shop that gives you the option of setting your plugs on Black Titanium, Gold Plated Surgical Steel, or Organic Wood. We are also the ONLY shop that lets you fully customize a pair of plugs at NO ADDITIONAL COST. We offer mix and match listings for those of you who like to switch it up, and we offer mixed size listings for those with different sized lobes. All of our images have been purchased and are licensed. We can turn any plug into a fake plug, or regular earrings. We also do huge blow out sales and give all of our returning customers great discounts. Join Plug-Club today and start building your collection!

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